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Over 100 studies

show that EFT Tapping assists in reducing:



physical pain




"EFT is associated with multidimensional improvements across a spectrum of physiological systems."

What is EFT Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT or Tapping, combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with ancient energy systems to address physical, emotional and mental pain stored within the body.  This physiological approach literally taps into the Meridian systems via acupressure points on the face, torso and hands and helps to identify the sources of the dis-ease, release the emotional charge stored within the body, and re-wire the negative programming behind the symptoms. Tapping stimulates the electromagnetic energy systems that flow throughout the body via the Bonghan Circulatory System, also known as the living matrix or the continuum pathway.*  This electromagnetic charge is the very same energy that is manipulated by pace-makers, scanned by MRI machines, and utilised in laser surgery.  EFT is a natural way of manipulating this energy within the body to promote physical, emotional and mental health.

Accupressure tapping points

*Oschman, James L., Pressman, Maurie D., 2013, Clinical EFT Handbook a Definitive Resource for Practitioners, Scholars, Clinincians and Researchers, Energy Psychology Press, p. 30.

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One possibility is that tapping creates a piezoelectric charge that travels through the connective tissue along the path of least electrical resistance.  When a traumatic memory is recalled, along with awareness of the site in the body that holds the primary memory of the trauma, tapping introduces a message of safety to the body that is not congruent with the emotionally arousing memory.  So while your mind is sending a message of danger, your body is getting a conflicting message of safety.

Dawson Church, PhDThe Genie in your Genes, Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention

Did you know that up to 68 percent of physical pain can be caused by underlying emotional triggers?* This is the common denominator that can be applied to such a broad spectrum of symptoms and is what EFT targets in order to assist.  By addressing the triggers behind the symptoms EFT allows the body to naturally rebalance, thus often accelerating the reduction of emotional, mental and physical pain.  If you can reduce the pain via EFT, it means your health care practitioner is better able to focus on, assess and treat the biological symptoms of your condition without having to isolate it from any emotional component that may contribute.  Similarly, if in consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist, you can be better placed to work with them if the concern is not emotionally clouded.

How can one technique address such a variety of symptoms?

* Church, D., Phd, The Genie in Your Genes Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention, Energy Psychology Press, 2014, 3rd Edition.

"How can I lose weight?"

Questions we hear everyday...

... have one simple answer.

"How do I beat depression?"

"How do I overcome my fears?"

"How do I overcome performance anxiety?"

"How do I attract abundance?"

"How can I reduce PTSD?"

"How can I reduce anxiety?"

"How do I overcome food cravings?"

"How do I beat my addiction?"

"How can I lower my blood pressure?"

"How can I increase my happiness?"

"How do I become more confident?"

"How do I overcome my phobia?"

"How do I reduce stress?"

"How do I overcome my smallness?"

"How can I improve my health?"

What can EFT Tapping be used for?



EFT for   abusive relationships

EFT for   anger management

EFT for   addiction or craving

EFT for   anxiety or stress

EFT for   ageing

EFT for   ancestral ties

EFT for   autoimmune conditions

EFT for   back pain

EFT for   children and parenting

EFT for   chronic pain


EFT for   cult recovery

EFT for   depression

EFT for   eating disorders

EFT for   empty nesting

EFT for   fear or phobia

EFT for   fertility and birthing

EFT for   finances

EFT for   forgiveness

EFT for   grief or loss

EFT for   insomnia

EFT for   obsessive compulsive

EFT for   lack of purpose

EFT for   old paradigm programming

EFT for   past life karmic patterns

EFT for   performance anxiety



EFT for   procrastination

EFT for   post traumatic stress disorder

EFT for   scarcity consciousness

EFT for   self worth or smallness

EFT for   sexual difficulty

EFT for   sleeping difficulty

EFT for   relationship breakdown

EFT for   traumatic experience

EFT for   work / business performance

EFT for   weight

Rise above.

What can EFT Tapping be used for?

Eating disorders

Emotional upheaval

Fears and phobias

Fertility and birthing

Autoimmune conditions




Panic attacks

Performance anxiety

Physical pain


Addictions and cravings


Anger & anxiety

Back pain

Blood pressure

Carpel tunnel

Children and parenting


Cult recovery





Self worth & smallness


Sports performance



Trauma and abuse

Weight loss

Much more!