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I'm here to help.

I'm here to help.

What people say...

Marguerite Clark - Gold Coast, Australia

Medical Doctor, Singer & Songwriter

Joshua Stevens - Townsville, Australia

Public Servant,

Alistair Barnett - Cairns, Australia

Secondary School Teacher / Ed Advice Co-Founder

Darcy Steinhardt

Senior Business Development Manager for Oil & Gas Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yvonne Goh

Principal of Clavier Music Studio

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Peter Lees (a grateful client)

Senior Administrator, Aged Care

Cairns, Australia

I was absolutely astounded after my first experience of EFT with Evie.  I had just spent a week at a health retreat to stop smoking but still had cravings.  One session with Evie and I have hardly had an urge to smoke.  It’s a spectacular outcome and very unexpected.  I would highly recommend EFT Vitality to anyone in need of support for a variety of things and you may just be surprised, just like me.

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I came to Evie because I wanted to drill down into attitudes that I knew did not serve me.  An optimist at heart, I felt blocked in moving forward both professionally and personally.  Through EFT Evie helped me identify how I formed these self-sabotaging world views that I have carried with me all my life.  Not only did she help me identify their origins she helped me reprogram them in a positive manner, all in a few sessions.  I may never get the few hours back I spent with Evie, but I wouldn't trade them for the feeling of freedom that I now have.  

Thank you, Evie.  You have made a world of difference.

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Tom Cosic

Freelance Artist

Maleny, Australia