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Evolution of Spirit:


Evolution of Spirit is the divine task chosen when manifesting on this side of the veil.  From the third trimester of pregnancy to two years of age you absorb everything in your environment without discretion, both helpful and misguided.  This is when your subconscious develops what your version of ‘normal’ looks like.  During this time you and those around you co-create the core beliefs that assures perfect alignment with your ultimate endeavour: to overcome how you informed your subconscious programming and thus progressing spiritually. Even from in the womb, you absorb not just nutrients but the energies and emotions of your mother as you prepare to join her in this world of mass and matter. This begins the process of people impressing their perceived dangers of the world on you even before you were cognisant, setting you up with a lifetime of catalyst.  This catalyst often takes the form of trauma.  But it was never your story, just an offering from arbitrary and external factors.

Beloved body:


Your body is the most advanced instrument you will ever work with.  While most animals release the energy behind the fight-flight-freeze response we humans store the energy, emotions and memories of a traumatic experience in the body.  Your body consciousness then works synergistically with your subconscious and draws on this bank of emotions and memories to keep you safe.  This beautiful mechanism of safety works perfectly in a perfect world.  But as we know, not many of us live in a perfect world and this safety system often subconsciously sabotages our efforts to thrive in what is now a challenging and unpredictable world.  

Sabotage is no longer the inevitable outcome as we were once told to resign ourselves to.  Just as the subconscious programmed these mechanisms of safety in, they can also be effectively reprogrammed according to your conscious desires.  Let me guide you through this process and enjoy the beauty of how it can transform your life.

Let’s go deeper:


Life is deep, rich, and complicated.  You’ve reached a point where your priority is to experience the beauty of life without having to view it through the tainted lens of trauma.  You work through your memories of past traumatic events well, one at a time, until one day you remember something you had long forgotten.  The memory is so unfamiliar that does not "fit" this life. You might recognise this as an ancestral memory as many Indigenous do, as a memory from a different or alternative incarnation, or as a mechanism of the sins of the fathers as per Christian tradition.  Perhaps you think you made it up as a way of distancing your conscious mind from some deep seated trauma.  Whichever way you wish to package it, all memories are valid.  As well as being a Certified EFT Practitioner, I am also a Certified Quantum EFT Practitioner.  I specialise in helping people release karmic patterns where they originated, whether it be local or non-local.  Let me guide you through this delicate part of your journey, through soul contracts and higher learnings, to a more relaxed, rejuvenated and recalibrated you… for all time…

Work with me:


I consider it the greatest honour to bear witness to and hold space for someone on their journey of self discovery.  Having lived much of my life at the frequency of grief, I understand and appreciate the courage and faith one needs to “face your fears” as people say, to absolve the shadow self, bless it, surrender the pain and resistance, before being able to heal and then embody the changes you desire.  If this sounds like the journey you want to be on, consider working with me.  

Peace is only one shift in perspective away.




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