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Clinical EFT - extended session

1 hour and 20 minutes

$140 AUD   /   $120 USD

Online or in person

Recommended for first timers and those who like a bit more time

Clinical EFT - standard session

1 hour

$100 AUD   /   $85 USD

Online or in person

Recommended for returning clients

Multi Session Package - recommended

3 x 1 hour & 20 minute sessions (4 hours in total)

OR 4 x 1 hour sessions (4 hours in total)

$350 AUD   /   $300 USD

Online or in person

For those who would like to go deep, EFT is most effective when work is done over an extended period of time.  While clients often feel better after one session, they miss a golden opportunity to truly release themselves from trauma by digging deep and tying up loose ends beyond their immediate trigger (which is possible but not probable in one session). A package of three sessions over time allows for a deep and thorough exploration of why one becomes triggered, and opens up the possibility of addressing the wound at it cause.

Learn how to tap!

25 minutes

$50 AUD   /   $42 USD

Online only

Receive a quick one-on-one orientation with Evie to learn about the tapping points and set-up statement and start your own EFT journey. Ask questions and receive a PDF of EFT at a glance to assist while you learn this amazing destressing technique.

Get in the zone phone call

15 minutes

$30 AUD  /   $25 USD

Phone only

REGULAR CLIENTS ONLY: Need to make an important announcement, phone call, or presentation? Going to an important meeting? Book in a 15 minute tapping session via phone with Evie to reinforce the appropriate mindset just before your event.

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Book an appointment

To book an appointment please reach out.  I like to talk to people first to ensure we are a good match and to make sure EFT is the right choice for you.  If you have questions or to check my availability call me directly on 0412 005 357. Feel welcome to submit a form below if you prefer.

Prefer to talk?

+61 412 005 357

Client Forms

How I came to be a Clinical EFT Practitioner

"I love helping people.  I always have.  I don’t just feel happy, I feel energised.  

I have explored multiple modalities and have found Energy Psychology (EFT in particular) the quickest and most effective technique for personal development by far.  It appeals to me because of its specificity and how it allows you to drill down to rather precise priorities, something that other modalities don't necessarily cater for.   Initially I tapped for myself by copying what I saw professionals do at conferences.  The biological symptoms that seemed to disappear just from imitating others astonished me.  If my monthly crippling pain, fatigue, and wide ranging mood swings were rated at 100%, then tapping brought it down to 20%.  Changing my diet now has it down to a consistent 5%.  I was so impressed with the results I wanted to train in order to share it with those I love.

From there the career change happened naturally.      

Today I am grateful for my life, the way it continues to unfold, and the perfect timing of it all.  I honestly could not plan it better and I invite you to work with me to embolden your own sense of gratitude and freedom, which is only ever one shift in perspective away!"


Looking forward to working with you,


Evie Soemardi